Book Review: Straight From Life by Rupesh Kumar


Book Name (with subtitle): Straight from life (Foundation to success. Learning from your very own tutor)

Author Name: Rupesh Kumar

Format: Kindle (Print replica)

No of Pages: 198

Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers (16/10/17)

Blurb: The blurb portion has been written very well with highlighting core information of what the book is all about. Elaborated points in the blurb section made the content clear to the reader, which is good indeed, as it will help the reader to make the decision to go through the pages of the book.

Cover: The cover of the book is good and catching, uniquely designed. It is depicting the core theme of the book aptly. It’s a really good job done by Samridhi Bharti.

Title: The title is intriguing and it has depth indeed. According to the subtitle (tagline), the substance of this book is clear from the beginning itself. So, I am considering the title appropriate for this book.

Language & narration: Language of the book is lucid and written in a simple comprehensive way to make it easy to understand for the reader. Narrating style is pretty much capable of connecting the reader with book. Narration of the book is descriptive, mature & explaining potential information with any exaggeration. As the substance of this book is divided into 5 sections and each section’s contents are justified with the real life situation, hence I can say that vivid narration is one of the strong points of this book.

Plot: I want to mention that this book is a non-fiction which is written in fiction style, so its needless to say that the plot of the book must be crafted very thoughtfully and the author has done exactly the same in a captivating way. The author made the amalgamation of his vast research work, his real life experiences and mixed them with his imagination, thus the result of what we are holding now, the book.

Setting: If I concentrate on the story, then I’d say that the setting of the book is mainly in Mumbai. But, as the journey moves further, since its beginning till the end, we will see mentioning of some places like- Deoghar, Godda, Jharkhand, Patna- Mahendru, Gandhi Maidan, Chembur, Chandiwali, Bangalore, Delhi.

Characterization: As I said earlier, the book is based on the real life experiences of the author, so portraying the characters was a delicate task but the author has done this with Ace. Characterization is good, connecting & clear I must say and all the characters are significant to their roles till the end. Let’s get familiar with the names of the characters mentioned in the book- Rishabh (the protagonist), Raman ji, Mahesh ji, Mr. Anand Kumar, Shanker ji, Gidhaur, Pinki, Rinku, Keshabh aka Krish, Amarjeet, AK, Vijay, Mr. V. Sane, Vaish, Yash, Mr. Sanyal, Venu, Mr. Nagpal, Mr. Rao, Mr. KK, Mr. RD, Mr. Mahulekar, Ameya, Parag, Pai, Raj, Lipi, Shobha, Mr. Arvind, Mr. RN, Naresh, Alim, Situ, Rajesh, Mr. Ramachandran, Philip Katter, Mr. Kale, Mr. Vivek, Ravish, Ketan, Jitendra, Avi, Nimesh, Ari, Sitesh, Anupriya, Mr. Piyush, Deepak, Dinesh, Ravi, Mr. Nilesh.

Theme: Self help, self inspiring, motivational, life lessons, struggle & success, management

Story in a nutshell & My Verdict: This book is written in basically Indian concept, but the vast way it’s contents have been described in the book point wise with example step by step, it’s definitely gonna help anyone in where. The journey is relatable easily to anyone to help themselves grow as a better person with a positive approach towards life. It is based on the journey of a youth from a middle class family who is holding a MBA degree (though not from any top of the institutes) and trying to create own identity by going off the track to find the real source of positive strength within. The story revolves around the journey of Rishabh, from a middle class family background, who is a MBA pass out. As I mentioned earlier, this edition of the book based solely on MBA Program that believes is the inner potential, not just only the grades or outer density. Rishabh’s journey will inspire everyone to realize the struggle part to the core and then cherishing the essence of success, going through various ups & down in many stages..As we all know, success doesn’t come in just a day.

Rishabh, was a talented boy, from a middle class family in Jharkhand. He always had the potential in himself to stand off the crowd, along with holding his own identity. But situation, rather mentality of everyone was not that smooth to realize his choice of path every time. With the motivational words of his grandfather (who was a strong support indeed), & with the support of his father and some genuine friends, after completing his board exams successfully, he faced lots of struggles, though phases of life actually by taking a closer look of life, but he always believed in himself and he was determined to prove his worth. When and how he opted for MBA, actually he opted for a management stream particularly, and after getting the degree, what he did with his life and how he changed the shape of his career is the rest of the story. What life has taught him and how did he apply the lessons straight from life is what the book is all about.

This book is divided into 5 main sections, from the situation of having a middle class background to ultimately become a successful entrepreneur, all the stages have been analyzed in the thoroughly. Giving the broad idea about Indian middle class, its dilemma, mentality, pressure and belief, culture & education, political awareness & effect on person’s career and personality, the second part deals with choosing MBA as a career option, the reasons, MBA career details, scope, real picture and reality & perception difference and self assessment, bridging the gap between theory and practice, the third section deals with success and it’s ingredients, mantra, failure and acceptance, reason, and the college life mainly; after analyzing these fundamental part, comes section four that deals with gearing up for corporate life, motivation, leadership, various stages of corporate life and the fifth section deals with the extension part- after corporate life as a working professional, next as an entrepreneur, start up, entrepreneurship, family factor (various examples are presented by the views of the central character).

This book helps us to believe in ourselves, to learn from failure, analyze and convert the weakness to strength, success formula, power of networking, communication, positive attitude, behavior, team work, hard work, will power, patience, enthusiasm, reason of failure, miscommunication, misunderstanding, no planning, no trust & give up, ambition, vision, self discipline, Attitude, life beyond corporate world, business, people, system, money inflow, mistakes of start ups, failure, killing factors, and then ultimately it made us face the truth that Life is the best teacher..if we don’t take ourselves seriously, nobody else will. The book provides us inspiration to stand again as a successful individual with the learning straight from life..because..we are..our own teacher..

Recommendation: I would definitely love to recommend this book to every person as it is very essential book for self help purpose and in motivational aspect, (especially from Management field), every person who are willing to change the shape of their lives in a better way, but afraid to take the first step, this book is a definite read for them.

Rating (Overall): 5/5 Stars.

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