Book Review: The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal


The Four Patriots is the first book of Sumit Agarwal I have finished reading yesterday. Thanks to Sumit Sir for writing this outstanding and awesome book. Special thanks to Janci Madame for giving me the opportunity to go through this book. I was literally addicted to the book while reading.
The front cover of the book is really justifying the book completely. In the cover, we can see 4 gentlemen with sober look and dynamic personality (The 4 Patriots), and the ‘FOUR’ word is written in BIG BOLD fonts with red in color to emphasize it. Color combination of the cover is really eye catching. Thanks to Ankur Mishra and Chandan Crasta for this. Among the plenty of books in my collection, this is the 7th book published by Rupa Publications I have gone through.
The title “The Four Patriots” is aptly complementing the theme of the book. Only just by reading the title I can sense a feel of patriotism within my vein.
The language is very lucid and it’s quite easily acceptable to almost any kind of readers. The writing style and the way of presenting the situation stage by stage keeping the grip of the story intact are highly commendable.
The theme as well as the story of the book is patriotism along with friendship and motivation as well (which is clearly evident from the title itself).
All the characters mentioned in the book did completely justify to their role till the very end. Each and every character is significant in their own way to keep the story of the book get going with its natural flow. I would like to mention 5 names here (including the Four Patriots) that led us to the new era of patriotism and tempt us to change our vision towards our country our nation, and these 5 personalities are the main reason that the book has this kind of strong and positive impact to bring the necessary changes into reader’s mind. They are- Aditya (an ambitious successful altruistic businessman), Salman (CEO of Coffee Moments), Raghav (a virtuous politician), Varun (an NRI software engineer)- these four are the protagonists of the story along with Dr Satish Sabbarwal (Founder and Kingpin of ‘Naya Bharat’ Dal)- their guardian cum father figure who led them to the path of making India changed into a more developed country like never before.
So here goes the story- Aditya, Salman, Varun and Raghav; these four belonged to different backgrounds of the society and all of them faced their fair share or struggles in their respective lives being the victim of the system that is running through our society our nation. But one common thing among them was sheer patriotism and dedication towards their country. All of them had dreams in their mind to do something bigger and fruitful towards the country, they wanted to bring the most necessary changes in the nation, the corrupted system that is running inside the veins of the country; they felt the urge to change the scenario and make it a far better country to live in. They were determined to make their dreams come true one day. To follow this path and to stick to their own principles, they had to face many hinders (different types of) in their life earlier, but there was nothing that could move them even an inch from the path of their dreams. Thus, fate made them crossed each other’s path and brought them together. The patriotism and love towards their nation united together and made their bond stronger with each passing day. From four strangers, they became friends and more brother figures to support each other in any kind of situation. But they needed one guardian who could show them the right path to make the changes and to bring the best out of their ability. They had courage, dedication and ambition, love, faith in each other, all for the sake of their country, but one anchor was needed to sail their boat according to the flow of the waves, and that anchor the guardian the leader was Dr Sabbarwal. He made them believe in their dreams and showed them the way to bring the progress. But it was quite obvious that the intentions they were carrying in mind won’t be fulfilled so easily as the whole running system was against them. There were quite a lot of danger, obstacles in their way. Not only danger, actually there comes a point when the whole security and future along with their own lives were at stake…they find themselves in the trap at one time… What happened to them? Will they be able to come out alive from the trap? Will they make their dreams come true and most importantly…will they be able to change the whole system and make the country the best place to reside? To get these answers, to know their fight against the evils of the country, to know the journey of the 4 patriots, you have to pick up this book and go through it.
The author has crafted the plot in such a charismatic way that left me spellbound the more I explored the book. He neatly pointed out each and every section of the system that needs the correction and it he also showed the honest way to how it can be changed in detail with real examples to follow. He showed it from the core area of India and it has been showed here that if one tries from the heart then even a little polite conversation with people can make a big difference to the nation. In every aspect our system needs to be changed. Today, corruption can be seen everywhere. Government employees (many of them) are so bilnd to have the power in their hand that they forgets because of whom they are in the power today. Even they forget (deliberately) what commitments they made before coming to the power. Be it school teachers, govt hospitals, doct service, untidy streets, drug dealing, smuggling of the nation’s properties, be it anywhere in any places, corruptions in the system can be seen openly now a days. The made them politics ‘dirty’ actually, and because of a few evil faces, some people even hate to give their votes actually. People know that whoever it is, result will be the same. We can see the bitter truth of the politics that is making our country actually a dirty place. What are those people seeing? They are seeing that whoever in the ministry, no matter whatever the post is or what power the person holding on, they are tend to think about making their own profit first, their own comfort and personal gain matter to them the most, so they actually don’t have enough time to think about the country or it’s people because of whom they are in the power now. They used to forget that every politician or person in power should serve the nation and the country first, to make their country better. I am not saying that everyone whoever goes to the politics or join the ministry does the same, no, it’s not. But we have seen many of them (I won’t name anybody in person but here ‘Ganesh’ is the example). This is the system India is getting used to day by day, because it is running through the ages, since the very beginning. Most of the people actually doesn’t have the guts to come up in front and protest this, and a very few who tries to do this, can be seen nowhere in the next day, just vanish… We really don’t need to explain that how it is done, right? We all know this, but as we love our family our spouse, our personal belongings and life matters so to us they we are…tolerating this actually… We are like..”Ab koun befizul k jhamele me padhega bhai? Apna to mast chal raha hai, kha pi k paisa kama rahe hai, chutti me picnic, movies, bas agle din kaam. Isi tarha bit jayegi zindegi to or kya chahiye?” Right? But is that the right way to live? Ask yourself. Are you people not committed towards your motherland, your country? Don’t you have any responsibility towards it? If you find any fault that is running in the system then confront it, come and take the responsibility to change that. Sirf subha newspaper ko hath me liye, chai k dukan me ya ghar me do char politician ko gaali deke kounsa sudhar aane wala hai bhai? Agar sab yehi kar k apna pith bachate rahe to ekdin kya muh dikhaoge apne aap ko? Khud ke alawa or kise koshoge? Faida kya hoga tab? The author has showed this picture clearly in front of us and every possible ways been explained there in detail that (if followed properly) can surely bring the huge necessary changes to the entire system.
Beside this, the author has showed here the personal relations between these four patriots and their life partners in a very romantic, touching and beautiful way. I can live their life actually by reading their journey… I was so engrossed in the book. The tragic incidents made me cry a lot. I can still remember how badly I was sobbing after reading the confession of Raghav in front his mother in his mind for the guilt…. I..I am… tears again while writing this line..(Hold my hand and I will lead you to safety, to glory!) It’s really…very…painful…
There are so much thrill in some places that left me in (Aditya and the bullet incident, Kidnapping of Raghav, The Olympic event, gas leaking incident, Aditya’s election result, operation colonoscope etc). Author has presented the romantic sides balanced with the thrilling situation so maturely that attracts me more about the writing style.
If we want to see the change in our country then we have to come forward and to contribute each and every responsible citizen towards our country. It’s our own responsibility to keep our India clean and make it the best. I want to quote a line from this book that says- Dekhna nahin…karna hai. It reminds me of a famous line from the movie “Rang De Basanti” that says- “Zindegi jeene ke do hi tarikke hote hai. Ek, jo ho raha hai use hone do, bardast karte jao, ya fer, zimmedari uthao use badalne ki”. It is exactly showed here in these by the author through the brave journey of Four patriots. We need to take some bold steps to make the contribution to the progress.
I urge each and every people who don’t think that “Bhai yeh to hamara India hai, iska kuchh nehi hone wala.” to pick this book up and go through this at least once. I want to remind you all that “Yeh Hamara India hai, Maa hai hamari, isi ke kok me pale badhe hai, or agar Ham chahe toh Is ka bohot kuchh ho sakta hai. Karoro logo me se, agar har family se ek bhi Varun, ya Salman, ya Raghav ya Aditya aage aane lage, toh mai daba karta hu, India’ll be the best country to reside in earth. Garv se kah payenge ham fir- Karam mera India, Watan mera India, yeh mera India, I love my India. Come on people, made up your mind and make this happen. Take the pledge; join the movement before it’s too let.
I found just 3 grammatical errors in the entire book in the respective pages 16, 88 and 150 (in order- “feet” = “feel”, “oust” = “out”, “You are scaring me ?” = “Are you scaring me?” / “You are scaring me.” ). No others drawbacks are there, at least I haven’t found any.
It is one of the best books I have ever read. Many many thanks to the author for writing this book and all the best for his future endeavors. Must read for all. Thank you.

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Book Review: Season of Love (Volume 1) presented by Avishek Gupta


Book Name: Season of Love (Volume 1)

Edited & Presented by: Avishek Gupta

Format: Kindle

No of Pages: 104

Blurb: The blurb portion of the book is written in a perfect way describing the base of the book (anthology). Reader will get a clear idea of what does the book consist of and actually this blurb says it all. So, aptly highlighted I can say.

Cover: The front cover of this book is not only beautiful & eye treating, but is has been designed in a significant way to justify the theme of this book. Not only just thoughtful, but it is a much appreciable work done by Aniruddha Pathak.

Title: The title of the book is lovely, attractive and definitely appropriate as per the genre & content of the book. The significance of the title is being narrated in the ‘Blurb’ portion very well. Hence, I consider this catchy & apt indeed.

Language & narrating style: The overall language of the stories and poems is lucid enough to comprehend and at the same time, phrases and sentences are often being ornamented with classic words I noticed; that is more impressive to me. The narrating style of the stories (and poems as well) is overall descriptive and scenic I must say. Thus it connects the readers with the book flawlessly. Easy & pleasurable of course. For the smooth editing & proofreading, Subarna Mazumder deserves a big round of applause.

Plot: The plot of this anthology is actually portraying the different phases, stages and milestones of loves that people in love goes through and faces in their relationships; irrespective of age, places, time and seasons. All the 15 poems & stories are containing different journey to tell; but the sweet & cherishing compilation of all those journeys is what the book all about. I must add one thing that the book is well developed by the editor & presenter Avishek Gupta; his selections are perfectly shining in this book in their own way.

Theme: Love. Romance.

Contents & My Verdict: So let’s look at what do we have inside this book. It is an anthology book that contains a complete and compact amalgamation of 15 stories & poems by different authors (aspiring & established both) based on the genre ‘Love’. Whether it is a story or a poem, but the message it contains is significant in the aspect of relationship & love.

When it comes to the serene relationship between two hearts, then the season of their relationship doesn’t remain the same always. It keeps changing just the way nature does. Closeness, separation, little fights, misunderstandings, desire, jealousy, faith, trust, support- every different phase in the relationship depicts different season of love. It is not necessary that people in love will always be smiling and never have to face complications; but what is necessary that keep supporting and understanding each other irrespective of any differences & judgments. Love is like water; you keep it in a pot, and it will take the shape of that. Same with the relationship; things may happen, issues may occur, but the way you treat your love, that will decide the fate of your relationship. That is the overall message conveyed here in the Volume 1 of this anthology.

Here in this book, the variety in flavors of the stories says that this book has story for every one; not for a particular category of person in love. Nature lover, innocent & pure love, dilemma of hearts, love beyond life, soulful love (paranormal), love is above religion and caste and any other mortal classifications, love is always pairing, love is above physical intimacy, 6 seasons – 6 phases of pure divine love, jealousy & innocence, passion & dreams- this book has all of the things mentioned above and much more.

I want to mention 7 creations from these 15 that touched and melted my heart completely and I loved them. They are- “Love of a Vagabond” by Subarna Mazumder, “The Perfect Opposites” by Sourabh Mukherjee, “Mr. & Mrs. Joshi” by Shilpi Chaklanobis, “Sara” by Alcatraz Dey, “Season of Love” by Avishek Gupta, “Once upon a Love” by Vamsi Krishna & “The Secret of my Dreamy eyes” by Sangeeta Shonik.

Lastly only one thing to say, if you have love inside your heart, then every season is….the Season of Love…

Recommendation: I would definitely love to recommend this beautiful saga of soulful love and eternal romance of all seasons, to every avid and love reader & to all romance enthusiasts out there. They shouldn’t miss this one I can say. It has flavors for all. Thank you.

Rating (Overall): 5/5 Stars.

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Some precious moments along with an exclusive interview with the “Sensation of Literary World” Mr. Kevin Missal


Hi everyone… as you know already, one of the most renowned and massively successful #Bestselling_Author Sir Kevin. S. Missal is here with me and I am blessed to get an exclusive interview from him. Book 1 of his #Bestselling_Mythological_Thriller_Series named ‘Kalki Trilogy’ (which I have personally read thrice and have on #Top in my exclusive collection) was “Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar of Vishnu” is a hugely successive blow soon after the release in the literary industry. Trust me when I say, it’s the #Best_Mythological__Fictional_Read.

About the author: 

Kevin Missal is a twenty-two year old graduate of St. Stephen’s College. He has previously released the first book of the Kalki Trilogy, Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar of Vishnu, which became a National best-seller and received praise from newspapers such as Millennium Post and Sunday Guardian who have termed it as “2017’s mythological phenomenon”. Kevin loves reading, watching films, and building stories in his mind. He lives in New Delhi.


As the upcoming sequel of his previously “Bestselling” book “Satyayoddha Kalki: Eye of Brahma (Book 2)” is already creating records, I am taking the honor of taking his readers along with me in the journey of that book and of course the world of its creator.


Hello Sir, you are looking fit and fine as usual and your charming smile is what I am amazed by. I am one of those few lucky ones to have you with me for interview and I am very thankful to you for this. I am very excited and can’t wait more to know you personally. Let’s start the session Sir.


Sir, kindly share with us that why this particular genre “Mythological Thriller” interests you than any other genre to write about?

  • Mythology is a genre I always loved as a child and when I started reading Hindu myths I was just filled with delight and wonder and wanted to write something on it. 


Glad to hear this Sir. Moving on to the next question, what did you think when you started to write the plot of this super successive mythological thriller ‘Kalki Trilogy’?


  • I thought I wanted to write an emotional but an action packed tale. 


You have successfully implemented your thoughts in reality Sir. Ok, kindly tell us that according to you, what are the base strengths of the character Kalki Hari?


  • That he’s naive but he’s ready to learn. Many times, as humans we are stubborn and Kalki is too until he’s pitted against his beliefs and he has to accept harsher realities. 


So perfectly described Sir. Moving on, after the huge success and massive response of the 1st book in this series ‘Kalki Trilogy’, there was high expectation of the readers to see Kalki with more unbeatable powers while becoming the avatar he destined to. How did you handle the pressure of expectation of your readers while writing the 2nd book of this series?


  • I didn’t. I wrote what I originally plotted and it worked. Book 2 is doing tremendously well. 


Of course Sir, indeed it is. Now please tell us, what kind of research do you do and how long have you spent researching before beginning this Trilogy?


  • If I tell my research, what was the point of writing my book? Just enjoy what I’ve written, not where it came from. Haha. I spent around 2 years of research before writing it.


It’s a pleasure having you with us and I can’t thank you enough for making out this long time for me. Wishing you all the success and happiness and prosperity throughout your entire life and “Satyayoddha Kalki: Eye of Brahma” will hit & remain in the “Bestseller” Chart for the longest time period possible definitely. #FingersCrossed…


I am heartily thankful to Sana for giving me the golden opportunity to interview a great human being like Sir Kevin Missal. That is all for today. Thank you everyone and enjoy your day. See you soon.

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To get the books of Kevin Missal, click on the desired links as per your need = 

Book 1 – Dharmayoddha Kalki : Avatar of Vishnu

Book 2- Satyayoddha Kalki : Eye of Brahma






One more mesmerizing and heart melting love story is on the way by the #Bestselling_Author Himanshu Rai


A new story of love by bestselling author Himanshu Rai. Having released the bestselling book My Mute Girlfriend on Valentines this year, Himanshu Rai is confident that no one would have ever read a story similar to the one he is going to narrate this time. His writing style is much liked by young readers, as they easily connect with the emotions and narrating style of the bestselling author. His previous book was based on a true romantic story, and with his upcoming book titled “I am Always Here with You”, Himanshu is taking romance to new heights. Talking about his forthcoming book, Himanshu said, “It talks about relationships and their importance. When we love, there are no rights and wrongs; And there is no space for ego and pride. That’s how the book explores love. ‘Srishti Publishers & Distributors’, one of India’s leading publishing houses for mass-market paperback fiction, has announced the acquisition of rights for this book. While broadening Srishti’s hugely successful portfolio in the contemporary romance category, this collaboration is to mark a trend of a romance story with a difference this time. This is the second association between Srishti Publishers and Himanshu, after his debut novel My Mute Girlfriend touched the bestselling mark soon after it’s release. It was also listed as one of the 25 best romance reads of 2018. On his association with Srishti Publishers for the second time, Himanshu said, “I am delighted to work on my next books with Srishti. Being a romance title, no one can give it a better platform than them. I am thankful and obliged to be part of their team. The title of the upcoming book “I am Always Here with You” is already trending and much loved.



Book Review: Veiled (A Bone Secrets Novel) by Kendra Elliot


I am simply speechless after finishing this jaw dropping read. If I say that it is a romantic crime mystery thriller, then it will be injustice to this book. I was hooked with it since the very beginning of the book. The catchy cover and the justifying title made the clearly to the curiosity of the reader. It was the capturing blurb that made me turn the pages of the book, and then I failed to even take a break to breathe properly. The gripping pace and nail biting plot grasped me completely. Story starts when two lovely couple named Lacey Campbell (a forensic odontologist) and his fiancé Jack Harper (ex detective) discovered a dead body with a Wedding gown and a veil into a hot tub. Well, they were not into that luxurious hotel for this purpose actually, but their mood of romance and relaxation came to an end after eyeing this. They couldn’t help themselves but getting involved into finding out the killer. With clues hipping by, they were inching closer to the killer, but….that was not so easy it seemed.

The killer played a cross game and Lacey was abducted suddenly. Jack didn’t have much time to rescue and save the love of his life. Will he be able to? Who was the killer and what was the reason behind that heinous crime? Is this the end of Lacey? Or…something will happen to turn the side of the chess?

Reveal the entire story by yourself. One thing is definitely to be sure- this super suspense murder mystery crime thriller will keep any reader at the edge of their seat. The twist and turns and the revelations in exact time left me in the state of shock. I completely enjoyed this highly fast paced gripping read. Would definitely like to recommend this book to every thriller lovers and mystery enthusiasts.

Rating- 4/5 Stars.


Book Review: Faith’s Eternal Sunshine by Aashish Gupta


Book Name: Faith’s Eternal Sunshine

Author Name: Aashish Gupta

Format: Kindle

No of Pages: 124

Blurb: The blurb portion of the book is written in a compact way highlighting the base of the plot. It is capable to make the reader curious enough to know the entire journey that the book contains.

Cover: The front cover is not only eye catching but designed in a thoughtful way to justify the ultimate substance of the book. A picture perfect view the cover reflects I can say.

Title:  The title is unique and actually the starting point to the journey of this book. It is not only portraying the sole importance of the purpose of the book, but the title is enough for the readers to turn the pages of the book. I personally got curious about this book after reading the title only. Hence, I consider this appropriate.

Language & narration: The language of the book is simple and lucid enough to comprehend for any kind of reader. Mature choice of words at ‘sensitive’ places, impressed me more. Vividly descriptive narrating style made the reading more pleasing and captivating. The story is in 3rd person narrative and complimented well as per the storyline till the end.

Plot: The plot of the story is no doubt sensitive and on the contrary, the ultimate object of this story is not only to find God’s existence, but to know why we should believe in God; that is the USP of the story. Author has attempted to point out, explore and elaborate every possible natural connection with God, thus the much necessarily important story has been developed from this in-depth plot. The base plot has several other sub plots as well, only to complement and justify the inner facts behind author’s conception about God. So, a neat and well woven compact story this one is indeed.

Setting: Setting of the story is in Matsya Island, Baratang Island, Mumbai, Mahua Village.

Characterization: Basically there are 2 protagonists in this story (Male- Manu & Female- Manjiri) and perfect portrayal of both of them is the main strength of the book. Beside them, there’re several other minor characters as well and all of them are justifying to their respective roles till the end and thus make this book a more connecting read. So I’d like to consider the Characterization as a positive point of this story. Let’s get familiar with the names of the characters mentioned in the book- Manjiri, Manu, Namdeo, Tai, Arun, Azeem, Azlan, Dharam, Bandna, Ramladevi, Dhurendar, Nandi (a dog).

Theme: God, Faith, Life, Belief, Inspirational, Motivational

Story in a nutshell: The story revolves around the interactions and incidents between the lives of Manu & Manjiri (and their surroundings). Manu was a successful Investment Banker in his professional life. But years after years, splendidly cracking of deals made him realize that in this fast rat race of life, he was lagging ‘Life’ behind. He composed himself with his thoughts, belief, realization and keen observation to the nature and decided to get himself out of this ‘machine like rocket speed’ modern life. The only place he found solace within was Matsya Island. But this time, he was not alone to go there. He had company; and the company was Manjiri. Manjiri met him after long years and all these years as a stunt woman, it took really tough effort and luck for her to get trace of Manu again (primary interactions between them is not the main thing to discuss here in this review, so I am skipping this part). Manjiri had experienced the brutal face of life throughout the very beginning of her childhood. Life was always nothing but a road of thrones for her and all the pain, she endured throughout, made her a firm and stiff atheist. Not only that, she lost the thing ‘faith’ from her heart and her ability to ‘believe’ was gone with the ‘pathetic’ night of her childhood. She actually had no ‘valid reason’ to believe in the existence of ‘God’. But every coin has another side too. Manu was there to show her the other side of the coin…

In their stay on the Matsya Island, there will be situation and series of events that will open many doors in front of Manjiri.

Will Manu be successful to regenerate ‘Faith’ inside her? Why do Manu himself believe in God? What reasons can be behind that? What kind of situation Manjiri faced in her earlier life that made her faith lost in light and God. What were those dark parts of her life? What were the methods that Manu made Manjiri face in order to bring the change in her heart and mind? Will his efforts even be fruitful at the end or all of them are gonna be futile? Is Manu having any other plan in mind? What is God? What about his/her existence? What is faith? What is pain? Is death necessary? To know these answers, do grab your copy of this book now and allow yourself to the journey to welcome the eternal sunshine of faith and let the door of wisdom open.

My Verdict: Author Aashish Gupta has done a splendid job by penning down this book. I was speechless after finishing the book twice. I deliberately read this book twice before writing this review because I didn’t want to get myself out from the aura of this spiritual feeling. Through the simple yet meaningful and important conversation between Manu & Manjiri, logic- counter logic, cross question, debate, connecting with the plain day to day examples of nature, author has portrayed God and his existence so significantly, that I just want to say ‘Hats off’ to the author for his efforts. Through simple and very common yet unique observation, author has portrayed the base concept of writing this book (along with many needful important worthy messages to the reader) in the canvas of reader’s heart evidently. By presenting the series of events one by one and then connecting their dots to establish the belief in ‘faith’, author pointed much more issues that can never be realized without ‘faith’. Without the references of ‘high class’ mentions, and some ‘copybook definitions’ about the idea of God, Author has presented a general yet everywhere granted source of spiritualism and existence of God in his own way, by his own realization. This book helps us to realize not only about God’s existence, but it made us question our thoughts, trigger them, and help us realize that why should we ‘believe’ in ‘God’? Some questions like- how God help us, difference between gloom and sunshine, why pain is an inseparable part of life, what is pain, why is it necessary, why is death an important part of life- these are answered in this book. Concept of God and people’s belief in that are very clearly differentiated in the book. We get to know some much necessary truths like- too rich too poor are the same, there is no happiest or saddest person alive, there is always something in nothingness, every strength is a weakness, there is no faith without faithlessness, faith doesn’t open doors but shows us doors that are open, there is always a worse, death is another beginning. The mother-child love, diary writing notes, dilemma in heart, inner fight, trauma, pain, rage, wisdom- all these are evident in the lines of the book. Ultimately, “God – Tree- Faith- Fruit”- this was the cherry on the cake for me I think. To be very honest, to know about what we should believe God, this book is by far the best.

Recommendation: I’d love to recommend this much needed and significant book to each and every avid reader and especially to them who claim that they are ‘atheist’ or ‘non believer of God’. Do give a try to this book; this has a lot in store that can change your mindset forever for sure. It is a must read for all I can say. Thank you.

Rating (Overall): 5/5 Stars.

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Book Review: Love Forever @ Rajpath by Kalpana Mishra


“Love Forever@Rajpath” is the debut book of Kalpana Mishra I have finished reading today. Heartily thanks to Kalpana Ma’am for writing this lovely book.
The look of the book cover is pretty romantic and very much eye smoothing. It’s simple. I liked it. Among the plenty of books I have in my collection, this is the 12th book published by Srishti Publishers & Distributors I have gone through. Thanks to Sir Jayantakumar Bose.
The title “Love Forever@Rajpath” is not that much appealing but it is lovely, sounds romantic and totally appropriate for the story. The later part of the title “Approved……As proposed” is also perfectly goes with the style of proposing mentioned here in this book. I am coming to this later.
The language is very lucid, easy to encompass with simple vocabulary. The way of narrating the incidents and explaining even the little details is really commendable. Writing style is so perfect that at some stages I like…. could actually see the incidents happening in front of my eyes.
The plot of the story is capable enough to arouse one’s curiosity. The theme on which the story is based is much sensitive and touchy issue. The Sindhi & and the Bihari society is pointed out very deeply with neat and clear observation to move the story further.
The two central characters here (Shalini & Kartik) have been sketched perfectly by the author with the flow of the story. Shalini is a very enthusiastic, hard working, strong headed girl with modern intelligent thoughts. She belongs to the Sindhi family. She likes to follow her morality and stick to her decisions. Her family is very frank minded in nature and very supportive to her. Shalini was against marriage at first because she thought that marriage is not Woman’s cup of tea because of the sufferings that many women had to face after marriage. Kartik is a very genuine guy with truly good qualities but mentally he is weak. He has little faults also. Though actually only he can’t be blamed for this nature. He belongs to the Bihari society. His family is of very old minded conservative type. They believe in caste based division, support the dowry system and this type of mentality should not be indulged at all.
Shalini (Central Government Officer) is posted in a Ministry Bhawan at Rajpath of Delhi, and Kartik who is also a Govt. employee, posted in the same Bhawan with hers. They are co workers. Though Kartik had fallen in love with her at the very beginning, but was unable to express her feelings directly at first. Soon, as the story goes, he got a chance to get close to her and slowly they started to interact with each other. Eventually, through some little but important incidents, they got to know each other well, become closer and they both fell in love with each other. Here comes the propose part. As Kartik proposed Shalini in a very official way, so Shalini also accepted his proposal by writing her acceptance note in official (“Approved…….As Proposed”) language. This is what I was talking about earlier in the title part. Now, both the families had differences in many ways. So, there were many hinders in front of them to cross. As the family of Kartik supported Dowry system, thus the “Zabariya Shadi” episode happened with Kartik. I have never heard about this type of marriage before. It belongs to Bihar. In Zabariya Shadi, what happens is that, some thugs hijacks the groom and force him to marry a girl putting his life at stake. Just for this, the person had to undergo a lot of tortures, pressures and many other pathetic but violent things. And honestly speaking, I can’t even imagine this even in my wildest dreams. What happened after this? Did they survive in their journey of love? How did they convince each other’s family for the marriage? What was waiting in Kartik’s fate? Will Shalini be able to overcome all the tough situations? Well….to know the end, you have to go through this book once.
It is actually a good book to read. The author has shown here some different shades of society belief, family traditions and with every strong example, she has helped us to realize the differences between the conditions of women in the outer world of the society now a days. We can see the actual tough situation that an individual woman has to face most of the time just because of some useless old thoughts the society. It was much needed to put these things up in front of everyone. The dowry system, the custom of “Zabariya Shadi”, the actual position of women, all the things highlighted here conveys some important messages in the aspect of social concerns. The way the author presented the twists in the story is really up to the mark. With each little turns at some stages, the impact of the story gone into more depth. It is a very good book with full of romance, love and blend of many other things. Thanks to Ma’am Kalpana Mishra for letting me know about this lovely book. Thank you.


Book Review: God and his girlfriend By Priyank


“God And His Girlfriend” is the 2nd book of Sir Priyank Aryan. His debut novel based on a real life revolutionary journey of love & sacrifices named “I Am Dead But My Heart Beats” was a ‘National Bestseller’ soon after its release 3 years ago and because of that book, Priyank Sir has already been rewarded with “India’s Best Debut Author (2014)” title. I have completed reading both of his books one after another just recently and I have decided to say something about his 2nd book first.
Firstly, I want to thank Priyank Sir for writing another excellent masterpiece in the name of “God And His Girlfriend”. I was deeply involved with it while reading. The front cover the book is designed so uniquely that it goes perfectly with the substance of the book. It looks beautiful actually. Among the plenty of books I have in my collection, this is the 2nd book published by Teenage Publishers I have gone through.
The title “God And His Girlfriend” itself is the most innovative and unique title I have read so far. I mean, starting the title with the word ‘God’ and finishing it with the word ‘Girlfriend’ is capable enough to arouse the curiosity of any kind of reader. Subtitle is ‘a story of love, passion & patriotism’ is catchy enough to pick this book up. It is apt with the theme of the book.
The language is very lucid and it is quite easily acceptable to any reader. The writing style and they way of narrating the incidents with every little detail along with maintaining the thrill and emotions behind it, is highly commendable. I am pretty much impressed by the depth of the vision of the author while reading some specific incident in the book.
The theme as well as the story of the book is based on quite sensitive issues. It is touchy, engrossed with mixed kind of emotions actually.
The shades of the character ‘Ashfaque’ & ‘Jessica’ is portrayed very carefully and in a neat, clean, perfect way that I was instantly connected with both of them as the story goes till the end. Every character mentioned here totally justified themselves with the flow of the story. But still, to be specific, the way you presented ‘Ashfaque’ in the different stages of the story is up to mark.
I just love the way he supported Jessica, even when he himself was in a tough situation still the way he showed his determination proved that he is a ‘Man of his Words’… Heartily respect for him. I am amazed by seeing the way they (Ashfaque & Jessica) left no stone unturned for the sake of their love. Though it was more than tough and their path was full of struggles… And when it comes to chase her dreams, indulging the passion and achieving them, the way you showed Jessica’s patience, continuous effort and firm determination like never give up mentality is just hat’s off for this Sir. The bonding, the pair between Jessica and Ashfaque is lovely. My eyes were glued to this book actually while reading and with each passing page I was getting more and more curious. I have lost myself at a time while going through their journey. After reading this with a clear observation I can actually feel true patriotism within my inner self.
This book has a lot to give us. We can learn many essential things from it. You have accurately pointed out the actual reality which is happening nowadays out there, even all the bitter truth also…. Many flaws, wrong concepts regarding love, relationships, way of treating people and many other things which is running in the vein of our society …now the time has come raise a voice and to take efforts to change them. It needs to be changed as soon as possible. The perceptions, the way of thinking, judging a person’s emotions and feelings by the person’s caste and religion or community is not just ‘Wrong’, it is a ‘Sin’ to be specific. And it is one of the very first things that need to be changed. Though it will take time, but consistent efforts from every responsible citizen will make a difference for sure. Love is beyond of everything. No religion, no caste, no status..nothing of these is connected by anywhere with love. Love is a heavenly feeling which connects every person by heart. And love is a blessing of God. When our hearts get connected with true feelings and evaporates there.. And coming the point of chasing one’s dream, it is strongly needed to have persistent efforts with firm determination. No matter how rough the journey is, the arrival will be safe and happy for sure.
This book is a true inspiration to everybody. Some of the most important messages that portrayed here is much needed to express actually. Respect to Priyank Sir for his effort and someone has to take a step forward to lead the line and you are actually doing this Sir. All the best to you for all your future endeavors. Keep this going. Thank you Sir Priyank Aryan.